The beginning of La Chorale des Intrépides


At the annual convention of the ‘Association d’éducation des Canadiens français du Manitoba’, 30 young teachers gathered under the direction of Marcien Ferland to present a song program. Since 1960, Les Intrépides choir has been an important part of the francophone community in Manitoba.

The purpose of La Chorale des Intrépides

The Choir is made up of singers of all ages who want to share their love of singing in French while celebrating Manitoba’s French culture. The Choir has a varied repertoire, both serious and light, ranging from classical to popular, traditional and sacred music.

Choir activities over the years

The choir has participated in a variety of activities over the years: annual concerts, tours, CD recordings, participation in numerous performances with other choirs including “ L’Alliance chorale”concerts, “boîtes à chanson” (coffee houses), urban and rural performances, and presentations in senior citizens homes.

Recordings since the beginning of the choir

Les Intrépides sing (1968)

Les Intrépides at the Festival du Voyageur (1975)

Les Intrépides 40 years (2000)

Les Intrépides sing Noël (2005), with the participation of Les Petits Intrépides.

Mélo-mani project

In the 1970s, the choir founded “Mélo-Mani”, the forerunner of “L’Alliance chorale du Manitoba”, by undertaking tours across the country and in the communities. Les Intrépides still participates in “L’Alliance chorale” projects.

Les Petits Intrépides


A choir of children aged 8 to 12 was established under the umbrella of La Chorale des Intrépides in 1976. As an integral part of La Chorale des Intrépides, the Petits Intrépides have generally participated in most presentations of major works, performances and concerts of the Intrépides.

Since the beginning of the choir, all young people from French and immersion schools who wish to sing and live in French are welcome.

Works presented during the 1970s. From 1976, the new choir of Les Petits Intrépides also participated.

Cantate pour une joie by Pierre Mercure (1971)

La Légende du vent by Marius Benoist (1971)

La Pastorale de Noël by Reynaldo Hahn with the Cercle Molière (1973)

Images du Canada français by Claude Champagne (1975)

L’‘opéra Cavalleria rusticana 46 Onadéga by Marius Benoist (1976)

La Basilique de Saint-Boniface by Marcien Ferland (1977)

Performances with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

  • Beethoven’s Nineth Symphony (1980)
  • Le ballet Thrénodie by Marcien Ferland (1985)
  • A musical comedy Les Batteux by Marcien Ferland
Special project for Les Petits Intrépides

Since their inception in 1976, the Petits Intrépides have performed in all the Intrépides concerts. They also participated for the first time in the Winnipeg Music Festival, which exposed them and their families to a very successful musical training event. The children also had the experience of making crafts together and selling their products at one of the concerts.

    The years


    Presentation of shows with historical and religious content:

    • Le Mystère de saint François in 1991 and 1992,
    • Mère Marie-Rose in 1993 et 1994,
    • La Pastorale de Noël in 1994 et 1995, and
    • Voyageurs de Dieu in 1995 (a show marking the anniversary of the arrival of the Oblate Missionaries in Western Canada).

    Participation in community celebrations:

    • the 50th anniversary of the CKSB radio station,
    • the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the diocese of Saint-Boniface (1997).
    • the 85th anniversary of the weekly newspaper La Liberté : « Les Intrépides chantent La Liberté » (1999).

    The years


    • Concert at the Centennial Hall with Daniel Lavoie as guest artist (2000)
    • Celebration of the centenary of the foundation of the Oblate Missionaries and presentation of the Te Deum by Marcien Ferland.
    • OPUS 2009- participation in a large cultural concert
    • Folk Symphony by Marcien Ferland, performed at the Centennial Concert Hall with the assistance of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. Soprano Tracy Dahl was the guest artist. (2010)
    • La passion de Jésus-Christ (2013)
    • Hymne à Georges Forest (2014)

    Les Intrépides create a grant at Francofonds, entitled: Le Fonds de la Chorale des Intrépides in honor of Marcien Ferland, with the aim of honoring Marcien and also of attracting young choristers.

    Concerts in urban and rural areas and talent shows are presented annually allowing the choir to reach its French-speaking audience.

    • Participation with other choirs in the television project,À plein cœur, edited by Béatrice Gaudet, under the aegis of the Alliance chorale (2018)
    • Participation in OPUS 2018 with a Ukrainian choir and the other Polish.
    • Participated in a French-speaking one hundred voice choir, under the direction of Bruce Waldie, Elle s’appelait Marie, a work of narration and choral singing composed to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Catholic Church in the West.
    • Participation in the annual Christmas concert of the Alliance Chorale and presentations to homes of senior citizens.
    • Participation in various festivals and events of the Francophone community, such as the Festival du Voyageur, the Gala du Prix Riel, the unveiling of the bust of Georges Forest, to name a few.


    1960-1985 Marcien Ferland

    1985-1987 Bruce Waldie

    1987-1989 Jean-Louis Caron

    1989-1990 Claude Mousseau

    1991-2014 Marcien Ferland

    2014- today Bruce Waldie


    Since its inception in 1976, Les Petits Intrépides has benefited from the services of several choir directors Among this group, the following people have devoted a good number of years to the service of the Petits Intrépides.

    Marcien Ferland (1976-1984)

    Sister Jeannine Vermette – between her internships in Quebec, she directed for eleven years. (1993-95, 2000-2004, 2008 à 2013)

    Since 2018, Chloé Leblanc-Tod directs Les Petits Intrépides