« La Chorale des Intrépides en honneur de Marcien Ferlalnd »

1936 – resides in Manitoba. Marcien Ferland, the founder of “La Chorale des Intrépides” and “Les Petits Intrépides » directed for over 50 years.

The scholarship « La Chorale des Intrépides en honneur de Marcien Ferland » was established to recognize a dedicated young person or persons from a choir in the “Intrépides” family who are interested in music. The maximum scholarship per student is $1000.

Chronologies of events:

  • Fall 2023 : become a chorister and participate faithfully in the choir’s activities until the end of the
    season in May 2023.
  • Septembre 15, 2023 : apply for a grant from Francofonds following the guidelines on their website
    as well as the requirements of “Les Intrépides” which are identified below
    on this page.
  • November 2024 : Francofonds notifies recipients of their success
  • December 2024 : “Les Intrépides” distributes the scholarship(s) at the Christmas concert.

TAll applications must be submitted to the Francofonds application portal by September 15th annually and meet their eligibility criteria. Francofonds scholarship application: Demande – Bourse d’etudes de Francofonds . Once you have applied to Francofonds, the evaluators will review all applications and submit successful candidates to “La Chorale des Intrépides” for consideration.

“Les Intrépides” has its own appointed evaluators who will see which applicants meet the criteria for eligibility for the scholarship “La Chorale des Intrépides en honneur de Marcien Ferland” including the following:


  • Have been actively involved in an “Intrépides” choir for at least one year;
  • Have volunteered for at least one activity other than singing, i.e. fundraising, ticket sales, event organization, etc.
  • • Committed to attend the majority of rehearsals, especially dress rehearsals, concerts and special events from one of the “ Intrépides” family of choirs.